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Discard your paper and traditional signatures to try electronic documents and digital signatures. CyberSign is an effective remote working tool and an effective assistant for contactless online transactions of organizations and businesses.



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Process the flow of documents that need to be signed and approved according to a flexible self-defined process or pre-established operations in the organization or enterprise.

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More than 3,000 organizations and businesses are saving time and money by speeding up their document processing with CyberSign and CyberHSM digital signature.

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CyberSign is really a useful tool to accelerate the digital transformation of our business, helping the document system to be digitally signed and systematically managed.

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You have questions? We have the answer

What are differences between electronic signature and digital signature?

According to the Law on Electronic Transactions No. 51/2005/QH11, an electronic signature is created in the form of words, letters, numbers, symbols, sounds or other forms by electronic means, logically attached to or combined with the data message, capable of confirming the signing person of the data message and confirming that person’s consent to the content of the signed data message.

Legality of digital signatures on documents and electronic documents?

The Decree 130/2018/ND-CP stipulates that in case a document needs a signature (of an individual) or seal of an organization, it can be digitally signed with a digital certificate issued by a CA and licensed in Vietnam for that person or organization. Such digital signature is considered valid when additional conditions are met during the validity of the digital certificate and verifiable by the public key recorded on the digital certificate.

How to check the validity of digital signature?

Decree 130/2018/ND-CP stipulates the verification of digital signatures when receiving digitally signed data messages. Such digital signature is valid when the following information is checked to be valid: (a) Status of digital certificate, scope of use, limitation of liability and information on the digital certificate of the signing person; (b) The digital signature must be generated by the private key corresponding to the public key on the digital certificate of the signing person.
CyberSign performs a full and automatic check of all steps as required by the regulations on digital signature check when reviewing digitally signed files online on the software interface. CyberSign displays detailed and understandable results of digital signature check.

What is the difference between a personal digital signature and an organization's digital signature?

The Decree 130/2018/ND-CP stipulates the difference in service registration documents when CA organizations provide public digital certificates to individual or organization subscribers. The use of digital certificates of individuals or organizations to digitally sign the electronic documents will generate corresponding digital signatures.

On CyberSign software, when configuring digital certificates, individuals can only enter their information about personal digital certificate. Only the admin account that administrates the organization or business has the right to enter the organization’s digital certificate information and configure which individual accounts can use that digital certificate according to authorization (legal documents can be uploaded for certification).

Is it possible to electronically sign (photographically sign) by using CyberSign?

CyberSign allows users to create a photographic signature template by uploading a photo/scan file of the user’s handwritten signature or the red seal of the organization/business to the system.

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