How does digital transformation help Vinamilk overcoming covid-19?


Vinamilk solves the “problem” of Covid-19, realizes dual goals with three strategic spearheads: governance, technology, and human resources. Digital transformation has helped the largest dairy producer in Vietnam overcoming the pandemic and growing business. 

Applying modern technology to the value chain

One of the biggest effects of Covid-19 is the “forced move from offline to online”. This is when technology comes into play in ensuring smooth business operations.

At Vinamilk, the application of technology and investment in digital transformation were focused on many years ago, helping the activities between sales and distribution to go smoothly, improving business efficiency. Or thanks to cashless payment system, it helps the business run smoothly.

Vinamilk factories and farms thoroughly apply automation and 4.0 technology. This ensures systematic and remote management.

Apply digital signatures and digitalize documents

The businesses apply technology, tools, support software and work from A-Z. These include: e-Office, online browser, internal interactive applications, solutions to help employees access company data at home and digital signatures.

These applications help to work internally and with partners without interruption when “Work-from-home”. The e-Office system is also being deployed and applied synchronously by Vinamilk to its subsidiaries.

Vinamilk rose to 36th position in “Top of the world’s largest dairy producers”.

Vinamilk brand appeared in Brand Finance’s “Top 10 most valuable dairy brands in the world” with a valuation of 2.4 billion USD.

Human – the determinant

Facing the COVID-19 epidemic, human issue has become more important than ever. The businesses that have effective policies and technology solutions but do not have an effective human resource apparatus to ensure health and safety will also face problems.

Vinamilk also helps employees feel secure by maintaining a policy of salary and welfare payments. In addition, support working and living conditions for on-site units; proactively support all employees of the company in testing and vaccination against COVID-19.

Covid-19 is a harsh “test” for businesses and the whole economy. After the pandemic, the market picture will never return to the way it was before. Businesses need not only real strength and endurance, but also flexibility and sensitivity to find development directions when the economy establishes a “new normal” status.

CyberSign – a digital signature and electronic document management software – one of the products in the set of solutions for digitization and digital transformation of businesses – is an effective tool to help businesses transform digitally successfully and operate the whole system on the online platform easily, economically and efficiently.

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